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Hunger Expresss is a food delivery service which was incorporated on 26th of November 2016 out of passion to make ordering food simple, fun and accessible as quickly as it can to the residents of Sultanpur. Our focus goes beyond food i.e bringing our customers the best experience possible. Presently we deliver food from all the famous restaurants in the city. With the help of Hunger Express you can save time, avoid stressful traffic and ever changing whether, all while ordering from the comfort of your home or business.

With the support of customers, within the span time of roughly 2 years, Hunger Express exemplified the growth from 2-3 orders per day to 12-13 orders per day. So, let's make this ordering family even bigger..

Your Hungerously,
Hunger Express

Because you can't wait for food!

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Nothing is better than eating tasty food and relaxing with family. Hunger Express is here to provide fresh food to you and your family.

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+91 9120849301
+91 9120849302